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House Biescas: Like Home

Our maximum premise is that you enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable stay in the Pyrenees, feeling like in your own home. Our tourist use housing in the rural village of Biescas is totally independent, allowing you to enjoy all the privacy, tranquility and relaxation you need on your holidays in the Pyrenees.Casa Biescas

It has a small garden and a private terrace from which you can breathe the pure air of the mountains and make out the stunning scenery that unfolds before your eyes.

To ensure your comfort we have equipped our house for tourist use in the rural village of Biescas with everything you need for your day - to - day attention to detail with the sole aim to make you feel at ease.


Casa Biescas

We offer a fully equipped with its own kitchen appliances and utensils. We have also equipped the house with all the necessary bedding and bath accessories, always looking for your maximum comfort.

Also you offer complimentary books and games to make your leisure time in unique and unforgettable moments.



Mountain, nature and gastronomy.

House Biescas offer a unique stay in the Aragonese Pyrenees, an ideal location surrounded by nature. Where if you wish, you can enjoy its magnificent setting on excursions that will not leave you indifferent, you can practice adventure activities, visit nearby towns with plenty of history or enjoy the slopes nearest ski.

"Get away and live an unforgettable experience enjoying tourism in Aragon".

House Biescas, will advise on the places you can visit in the Aragonese Pyrenees or the activities you can do. Our goal is that you enjoy our valley and above all make your stay a unique experience.

What I can do in Casa Biescas:


Alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, golf, climbing, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking - mountain biking, spelunking (exploring caves and natural underground cavities), horse riding, skating, tennis, archery arc, bungee jumping, heated pool, Paintball.

Canyoning, rafting, rappelling, fishing, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, sledging, canoeing, sailing.

Gliding (Santa Cilia airfield-Pyrenees), paragliding, parachuting, hang gliding, microlight, balloon.

Other activities:

- Birding: ornithological tourism (bird watching) 
- Mountain hiking 
- Hiking for all (enabled with furniture and necessary signaling for people with disabilities without barriers can enjoy the natural heritage of the province of Huesca) 
- Sendero de Santa Elena 
- Mirador de Aratores 
- Cycling through the heart of the Pyrenees 
- Cycling routes by the High Gállego leaving from Biescas 
- Excursions Park Lacuniacha (faunal park of the Pyrenees) 
- Excursion through the valley of Bujaruelo 
- Excursion to San Juan de la Peña 
- Excursion to National Park Ordesa and Monte Perdido 
- Excursion with the Artouste train 
- Excursion to Ibón Piedrafita 
- Excursion to Yesa reservoir (hot springs) 
- Excursion to Canfranc, where the former International Rail Station 
- Panticosa Spa 
- Gastronomitas Routes 
- Mushrooming (in season) 
- Jewels of the Romanesque 
- hermitages 
- churches 
- bridges 
- monasteries

Workshops and courses:
Photography observation of fauna and flora. Mountain flight


Casa Biescas

Our accommodation is located in the heart of the Pyrenees, in the village of Gavín (Huesca - Spain), a charming mountain village that still retains the rustic and traditional taste of yesteryear.

The municipality of Gavín is not only nature and freedom, it is also history, tradition and heritage. Your typical Pyrenean town with its beautiful houses built in stone and roofed with tile terrace feature in the area, certainly fascinates those who come to know the people.



Gavín has in its surroundings with one of the most important examples of art serrablés Pyrenees, the chapel of St. Bartholomew dating from the tenth century of our era.

House Biescas, is an accommodation located in a particular rural people, which will enjoy a real day of rest and relaxation. Surrounded by fresh air which offers one of the most beautiful scenery in Europe such as the Pyrenean mountains.


Art, history and pure nature

Casa Biescas

If you like art and history in the Aragonese Pyrenees you can find important and beautiful treasures.One of them are the churches and shrines that are part of the Ruta del Serrablo. The shocking dolmens, menhirs, tumuli and megalithic cromlechs developed by humanity in its infancy and still standing in these lands are another tourist claims the territory. And of course, the great San Juan de la Peña, a true gem of history in the Pyrenees since this work emerged as the most important monastery of Aragon in the Middle Ages.




The location of Gavín, just 3 kilometers from the town of Biescas, is privileged because it acts as puerta access to two of the most beautiful valleys of the Pyrenees: the Valley of Tena and Broto valley. Both are first-claims between the multi-adventure sports lovers. A little over 20 kilometers from the town of Torla Gavín, natural entrance to the stunning Ordesa ValleyMonteperdido that offers many possibilities for hikers and mountain sports is located.

Tourism in rural villages in the Pyrenees

Gavín is surrounded by forests where oaks, the beech trees, pines and typical mountain climate fauna run amok. These forests are crisscrossed by an interesting network of paths and trails stalwarts of tourism in rural villages will enjoy during their visit to irineo P. They can do this on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, as in the area we have a good number of companies dedicated to adventure sports and nature that offer a wide range of activities, including horseback riding through the Pyrenees are the most sought by tourists.

"Be surprised by the lushness, life and energy of the incomparable natural areas surrounding Pyrenees House Biescas, your holiday accommodation in the Pyrenees".

Tena Valley and Ordesa National Park and Monteperdido along with the other spectacular places in the area, are a perfect holiday destination for the whole family as they offer an infinite number of possibilities. Routes and trails and heritage tourism or mycology (mushroom picking in the Pyrenees) are ideal for children and adults with.

If you are looking for are strong emotions, the Pyrenees is also your destination and you can practice from the canyoning or climbing through rafting or via ferrata. And of course, you can enjoy the winter sport star: skiing.

"Casa Biescas, is the perfect accommodation in the rural environment for the ski season"

Casa Biescas

Our accommodation, house Biescas, is located just twenty minutes drive from Formigal and Panticosa,two of the major ski resorts of the Aragonese Pyrenees, both belonging to the group Aramón. Also you can go to skiing to Candanchu, located less than an hour drive from our private accommodation of the rural village of Gavín.

After a day of white sport you can return to our cozy home and recuperate with a nice fire by thefireplace with wood biomass that we offer you in Casa Biescas.




A house whose exterior follow the traditional constructive schemes of the Pyrenees with a typical stone facade, which contrasts with the modernity of the interior decoration.

We also have own parking area and an area specially designed so you can store your skis or your snowboard.

Experience the Aragonese Pyrenees

The Pyrenees is one of the favorite tourist destinations mountain in Spain and abroad. Each day there are more visitors arriving from foreign countries such as Switzerland, France, England, Italy or the United Kingdom. They all come guided by the beautiful landscape and good weather in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Our holiday accommodation is open to all and we can also serve them in English.

Casa Biescas

Aragon Pyrenees is a tourist destination that leaves no one indifferent. You can enjoy the year round.

The summer months are ideal to enjoy the routes and trails through the Pyrenees. During the autumnoffering unique panoramic landscapes change for the adventurous; it is also a perfect time to enjoy the hot springs that flow in this territory as the swamp of Yesa or the Panticosa Spa.




Inwinter all the attention is captured by snow activities, can play sports like snowboarding, downhill skiing, cross country skiing or snowshoeing. All this spiced by the rich historical and architectural heritage of the place with heritage cities like Jaca, Biescas, Ainsa or Hoz de Jaca; as well as a typical cuisine that delights diners who come to try it.

House Biescas, your house in the Pyrenees.

A land with history, unforgettable and unique that will not leave you indifferent. You'll see how want to return.

We will wait for you!

“Very good stay at the Purisima in biescas home.”

Comfortable home. Well it located (near Ordesa, near Biescas and near Formigal / Panticosa). It had everything we needed to be at home. Julian has everything under control and always aware that you do not miss anything.

Ricard Garau - Tripadvisor

“Route BTT from home Biescas”

The great and with the help of blog house have I take a mountain bike route with family and our dog. I recommend you visit the blog, which also helps you plan your stay as mountain excursions and sightseeing the area has many thing you can see. Thanks to the attention of Julian who owns and without knowing much attention is that we do not lack anything. We will be back soon…

Jaime Sanc - Toprural

“Great weekend”

The house is great, all very new and quality, not lack anything, to repeat many times. 100% recommended.

Rosana Ferrando - Escapadarural


Highlight the tranquility of the people, and the house is very well equipped.

Jorge - Booking

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